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Русский рукопашный бой
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First-level instructor: DimitryHrytuseu, Birmingeme

I would like to say a few words about russian hand-to-hand combat Spetsnaz seminar, which took place in november this year in the UK and was given by the director of Russian hand-to-hand combat center of the city of Tver (Russia) Vadim Starov. Around 40 people from many places of Britain came down to Kidderminster (near Birmingham) to take part in the seminar.

During 3 days we were shown some devastating techniques, different exercises. We were explained principles and scientific basis of the System. Psychological aspects were also covered. I would like to thank Vadim Starov for sharing his skills and knowledge with us. I personally feel like I progressed a lot. Finishing here I would like to ask those who took part in the seminar to give their opinions here and if there are some who would like to see Vadim Starov again on another possible seminar.