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Professor Senkotiros Founder Maximo Moratillo Pallen – March 2006

How I ever got here in Tver, Russia attending Russian SystemaSpetsNaz Seminar is a question but also faith. I met Mr. Vadim Starov the first day I arrived in Tver.

We discussed all information needed about the seminar. Thanks to Olga, our English interpreter, I felt relaxed and confident that I will have great time in Tver and at the systema seminar. We started the first day of the systema seminar at one of Tver Military Training centers. It was good and very interesting. And I also got to know some of the participants. As we progressed the following days of training, I noticed that Russian Sytema SpetsNaz of hand to hand combat is devoted to a real combat fighting with a heavy emphasize on the mental component. One person attack to multiple and mass attack without or with weapon, such as knife, sword, 52 pole and combat rifles – all this was a part of seminars’ program. At the age of 65 I found myself learning combat situations forward and reverse tumbling many acrobatic military maneuver   techniques. I was ready to head on home on the second day, because it was a hard spetsnaz training every day.

But I decided to stay, exhausted in the evening with an ache, and continue to be ready the next day. Since it was becoming very interesting, especially one of the training which was devoted to developing sensitivity, which is very similar to the training I had had previously. Blindfold you can sense energy and awareness based on 5 senses. In the last four days the program was divided into two parts. In the morning we continued training that we had had previously. The other half of the day we attended practice and lecture based on the system of integrated development of intellect. And this all was conducted by Dr. Alexander Litvinov.

I have two more days left to complete the systema seminar and I plan to go to Moscow in a couple of days but also I am more excited now and don’t want to mess anything. I have grown so much more in over a week and enlightened my weaknesses in my martial arts training. I am glad that I attended thissystema seminar and would do it again when I have the next opportunity, given to me. And I hope to expand my knowledge to the next level. It is truly the best training I have had for a long time. For all this I would like to thank and give my appreciation to those, who made it happen with me. It was a great group and a real group of people – the team instructor and the participants from different parts of Russia.

Mr. Vadim Starov, thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity and experience, sharing with us the exceptional knowledge in your style of martial arts. Thanks also to Olga, Oksana and Michael for proving a bridge for communication in spite of our language barrier.