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Sergej, 41, Novosibirsk – January 2006

My impressions about Russian SystemaSpetsNaz Seminar:

The reason why I attended Russian systema seminar was my long search for universal system of self-defense. I’ll tell you straight away that past 15 years I haven’t been doing any sports or martial arts. Before that used to do Jo-do, Boxing and different styles of Karate. At the beginning of learning every one of them always had a live interest and a great desire to get the secrets of those martial arts as quick as possible, but was disappointed from routine of drilling strikes, blocks and counter-attacks.

The systema seminar was given by the director of international centre of hand-to-hand combat SystemaSpetsnaz - Vadim Starov. I took part in it and witnessed real, very interesting and hard work, and I mean work, because during lessons I quickly understood that SystemaSpetsnaz is not a sport and not a system of self-defense – it’s a complete survival system.

On practical lessons we were given some of the main bits of this Russian systemaSpetsnaz- elements of biomechanics, releases from grips, possibilities of using your body to survive in extreme situations. The fact that a defense is a counter-attack at same time was a discovery for me. You don’t block a strike, but use strength and speed of your opponent instead. The stronger and faster your opponent is – the easier and more effective it is to neutralize him. Your own body is a weapon. Universality of the Spetsnaz system is in the fact that you can learn it at any age and without being fit.

I’d like to say that new skills you get by doing other sports or martial arts don’t effect (in a bad way) your learning the Spetsnaz Style. There were two women taking part in the spetsnaz seminar and I was very surprised when one of them (she was about 50 kg in weight and has never done any martial arts) easily put me down on the floor (I’m 1.78 tall and 120 kg in weight). I’ve never seen anything like what Vadim Starov showed us. He showed us how it’s possible to change state of consciousness for better intuition, reaction, emotional control, etc.

The main thing for me was that there is no routine of drilling moves and strikes. SystemaSpetsNaz - is a creative process. Once you understand the human body as a system of levers and how they work – the rest in SystemaSpetsNaz depends on your imagination, goals and astuteness. Once you know psychological and spiritual sides of the system, you become not only a combat machine but also a person why is ready for any extreme and stressful situations.

In my opinion, every self respected person must know at least basics of SPETSNAZ to protect himself (herself) and relatives in conditions of real threat to life or health. I’d like to thank Vadim Starov for keeping Russian combat traditions and teaching people. With respect, Sergej, 41, Novosibirsk